Who We Are

Contegra is an independent technology services firm specializing in the design, development and management of search and data driven applications.

  • We have deep expertise working with all of the search and text analytics technologies.
  • We have a keen understanding structured and unstructured content.
  • We are an experienced team who can provide sound strategic advice, high-end design and expert implementation

What does that mean for you? It means we start with your business and your goals. Then, we harness our core competencies to design a powerful, elegant and easy-to-use solution for your business.

We’re Experienced

We’ve launched more than 150 web sites. We’ve indexed hundreds of millions of Web pages. Clients know that when they come to us, they’re dealing with an experienced team who can provide sound strategic advice, high-end design and expert implementation.

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We’re Creative

We bring enthusiasm to every project. We’re hands-on. We like solving problems. And when it comes to helping our clients realize their goals, we know that cookie-cutter approaches simply don’t work. That’s fine. We’re up to the challenge.

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We Get it Right

We stay on budget. We launch on time. And we deliver what we promise. Our goal is to provide an information solution that makes a direct, positive impact on your business’ bottom line. That’s why clients come back to us again and again.

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What We Do

We begin every project with the same questions: What are your business goals? Are you experiencing a specific problem that needs to be solved? Or do you need help figuring out what’s going wrong? This open dialogue is crucial in bridging the gap between your goals and the right solution.

Designing the user interface for your web product is a core component of our services. We investigate the unique features that your target audience requires. We create a user interface that is elegant, easy to use and intuitive. And we carefully consider the product’s relationship to your other online properties.

We work with you to understand your requirements and then create a conceptual map of your web product. Based on this high-level strategy, we then work through every facet of the functional design. The end product is an extremely detailed blueprint of your web product, outlining every component and mapping …

Once we design the interface and select the technology, our development team builds the application that drives the web product. As the framework for the entire information solution, this customized application holds the content, receives and processes user requests and delivers the intended search results.

Whenever possible, we’ll integrate directly with your existing databases and XML repositories. Leveraging your infrastructure minimizes disruptions to your current business processes, reduces workload, and prevents your having to maintain an additional database. We have in-depth experience integrating …

We can continue to manage the web site after it launches. We can act as your permanent, or temporary, webmaster, taking on responsibility for site updates. We can also work with you to refresh the information contained in the content collection if you expect that new materials will need to be added to it on […]

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Our Clients

Contegra Systems team members listened to our needs and provided great solution options to choose from. In the end, we rolled out enhancements that really streamlined the product we are delivering to our customers”.

Bud Carroll
Holliday & Associates


Bud Carroll
Rob Wiesenberg

ISCE.edu has relied on Contegra for our making our content and ideas accessible via the web, the cloud, and mobile since 2011. The service, attention, and most importantly, caring we have received far surpass what any other software/service vendor has ever provided us.  

Michael Lissack
Executive Director

Michael Lissack
Rob Wiesenberg

Our long-term partnership with Contegra Systems has been terrific. They are as responsive in their ongoing support and services as they were with our initial product launch.

Dave Savage
Manager, INDECO North America

The Contegra team always goes beyond just coding. Strategizing about the technical solution to best serve our unique needs is "business as usual." Experts at problem solving, they always provide multiple options. From system architecture to deployment and beyond, they are one of the most responsive teams I've worked with.

Renee Westmoreland
Director of Web Design and Development
Foundation Center


Renee Westmoreland
Manager, INDECO North America

Working with Contegra has been a real breath of fresh air! They take the appropriate amount of time to understand not only the technical issues, but also the business and process issues, before starting down the "solution" path. Very talented staff that is a pleasure to work with as well.

Tom Higgins
COO/CFO, The Advertising Research Foundation

Contegra listened carefully, learned about our needs, and skillfully and timely performed the work. When we needed the site tweaked to accommodate changes, they were immediately reachable, very responsive and provided excellent support at a more than fair price.

Charles F. O'Brien
Managing Attorney, New York State Defenders Association
Our Tech Partners
Blog / News
April 15.2011

Cornell’s TEEAL Project Update Shipped

Continuing its long-time partnership with Cornell University, Contegra Systems redesigns the TEEAL library, an electronic collection of full-text articles, abstracts and graphics from 140 agriculture science journals. White Plains, NY (April 16, 2011) – Launched in 1996 with funding from the Rockefeller Foundation, The Essential Electronic Agriculture Library (TEEAL) continues to provide a cost-effective resource […]

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September 01.2014

Foundation Center – Finding Funding Just Got Easier

The Foundation Center launches refactored search for its Foundation Directory Online White Plains, NY (November 11, 2014) – Researching grant information has become less more efficient with the relaunch of the Foundation Center’s Foundation Directory Online (FD Online). Contegra Systems refactored FDO search improving performance, scalability, and uptime. According to Rob Wiesenberg, president of Contegra Systems, […]

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June 13.2017

New York State Defenders Association Selects Contegra

White Plains, NY, June 13, 2017: Contegra Systems, Inc., a leading provider of enterprise search and text analytics expertise announced today that The New York State Defender’s Association (NYSDA) selected Contegra to enhance its public defender’s case management software (PDCMS) platform with dtSearch search engine technology. The NYSDA PDCMS is installed in over 70 public […]

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