Information Publishers

It’s about the data

Contegra builds search driven web applications for all types of information publishers. Whether you are a legal, scientific, technical, medical, or public data publisher, we understand that delivering a well-designed product on time is critically important to your business. Our clients see us as an extension of their existing team, giving them the expertise and bandwidth they need while also leveraging existing internal resources.


Making the complex simple

Many of our clients publish specialized business information. Though their subscribers value access to this complex set of data, usability is essential. Your application should be intuitive and easy to navigate without the need to master search syntax. We guide the development process concentrating on a simple, elegant user interface that will keep your subscribers coming back. When the user benefits, the business benefits Our information solutions directly impact our clients' revenue. When your users find the information they need smoothly and effortlessly, your business becomes a preferred resource. Satisfied users will try your other products and services - and often share their positive experience with others. As more subscribers join, fewer subscribers leave. The math speaks for itself.