Semantic Text Analysis / Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Great search is all about finding relevant information fast.  Today, advanced machine learning and semantic analysis can quickly transform vast quantities of documents, Web pages, emails and images into discrete facts and knowledge. We partner with several leading machine learning and semantic text analysis API vendors and work with open source projects to build custom solutions for our clients.

Named Entity Extraction

Extracts named entities such as people, products, companies, organizations, cities, dates and locations from your text documents and Web pages.

Sentiment Analysis

Helps identify the sentiment (positive or negative) that refers to specific entities in your text.

Text Classification and Categorization

Assigns a category or a tag to a specific document or piece of text.. A particular text can be assigned to one or more categories. Machine learning classifiers learn how to classify data by training with examples.

Keyword Detection

Detects the most relevant terms and phrase in text. Keywords are the important concepts and topics in your content. These can be used to create indexes and tag clouds or to enhance searching. Keyword extraction is performed across multiple foreign languages.

Commercial Products:

Open Source Products

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