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dtSearch Implementation

dtSearch Implementation

dtSearch is an industry leading, commercial full-text search engine. With its highly customizable API, document filters, text parsing, data extraction, and the ability to search a broad range of data formats, dtSearch stands out for ease of implementation.

Contegra is a premier dtSearch business partner with 15+ years of experience implementing and integrating the dtSearch engine API for numerous publishers, legal services, enterprises and non-profits.

We know dtSearch inside and out. Contact us to discuss how dtSearch can fit your business’ needs.

Our dtSearch development and implementation services include:

  • Search application audit: review your search infrastructure and make recommendations for improving dtSearch search engine performance.
  • dtSearch architecture consulting: design a system architecture and roadmap based on your business needs.
  • dtSearch search engine tuning:  fine tune search relevancy to ensure results match your users’ business needs.
  • Training: help your technical team get up to speed with your dtSearch applications.   
  • Ongoing Support:  work with your in-house staff to ensure your search and analytics applications are well-supported -- whether you need 24x7 or project-based support.

For more information about our dtSearch consulting and implementation services  contact us