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Legal / E-Discovery | Contegra Legal / E-Discovery – Contegra

Legal / E-Discovery

Legal / E-Discovery

Whether you need a full custom search application, a specific module for classifying documents, implementing predictive analytics, de-duping or similarity matching, Contegra can help. We understand the different roles search plays in the enterprise versus the legal and e-discovery markets.  While enterprise search and e-discovery both rely on keyword searching, the two have distinctive needs. Enterprise search is focused on results lists and identifying the most relevant documents. E-discovery is concerned with responding to specific risks, investigations, regulatory issues and litigation inquiries.  


Contegra helps you manage and enhance the data discovery process by:

  • Streamlining your e-discovery process to respond to investigations quickly and efficiently
  • Reducing costs
  • Increasing the accuracy of document review
  • Minimizing errors and mitigating risks
  • Building a scalable solution
  • Ensuring ease-of-use for your team
  • Accessing a wide range of file formats in multiple languages

Clients turn to Contegra to develop custom modules, Web services and APIs that carry out specific tasks within their e-discovery platform. Contact us today to discuss your e-discovery needs.