PDF Highlighter

PDF Highlighter

Do you want to offer your users the advantage of search term highlighting? Our server-side PDF highlighting tool is your easy, cost-effective solution.


Since the introduction of Adobe Reader X, native search term highlighting support was removed from Acrobat products. PDF Highlighter solves this problem using a server-side application, eliminating the need for any Adobe Reader plugins. Gone are the headaches associated with supporting plugins for different browsers, multiple versions of Acrobat, and operating systems.

The solution runs completely on the server, and is available for installation on your servers or, as a hosted API service – eliminating the need to install any software.


  • Compatible with Solr, dtSearch, Rocket NXT and other search engines.
  • Server-side solution, no plugin required
  • Highlights terms and phrases
  • Supports Boolean AND, OR, NOT, phrase, proximity, fuzzy search parameters, etc.
  • Navigate next/previous highlighted terms in document
  • Show only pages with highlighted words (option)

Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE compatibility

Technical Specifications:

  • Available for Windows (64 bit) and Linux
  • Easy server installation
  • Highlight terms using Adobe highlights XML file or search query as an input
  • Use as a REST web service or direct connection
  • JSON response with URL to highlighted document
  • JQuery plugin allows direct integration with your existing search sites

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