At Contegra, we take a consistent approach to developing every web product. While every project has unique requirements, there are many common challenges that they all share. Our five-phase process results in quality web products that meet your objectives, your budget and your timeline — every time.


First, we talk to you. It sounds obvious, but only through careful planning and a clear grasp of your challenges and your goals can we design a lasting solution for you and your users. During these information-gathering sessions, your input is vital for us to understand your business model and objectives, your target audience, and your expectations for the web product we will deliver. In this first phase, we also inventory your functional and creative requirements, features list and data types.


Next, we apply the knowledge we’ve gained during the planning stage to map out a wireframe that will serve as a blueprint for the final solution. In architecting this framework, we specify all the navigational, functional and content components that are required and indicate how these components interact with one another and with your back-end systems. At this point, our experienced design team will create a clean, dynamic and visually-appealing user interface for your web product. We also ensure that the look and feel of your web product supports and coordinates with any existing creative and branding.

Development Phase

The development phase involves converting the user interface design into a fully functioning website, integrating the selected technologies with your existing backend infrastructure and incorporating all of the content and graphics. Our team ensures that the projected navigation and features operate as specified. Once we have a running prototype, we engage in rigorous testing to make certain that your web product performs optimally.


After exhaustive testing, we deliver the finished web product to you. Once we have received your final approval, your website is launched.


Our relationship with you doesn’t end just because your web product is now up and running. Because every company has different in-house resources, we customize our on-going support to meet your individual needs.